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7 Interior Design Styles

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Ever wondered what other design styles there are apart from the commonly known contemporary and traditional styles? Strap on for an insightful ride as this article runs you through 7 interior design styles. The emergence of a global village has spread awareness about living standards and patterns of different areas. Over time, different common interior design styles developed and were adopted by a large population of the world living in different continents and regions. Now, interior design styles are categorized, and according to these designs, houses are decorated and renovated.

Following are some of the different interior design styles:

1. Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional interior design style originates from the old European home décor of the 18th and 19th centuries. This interior design style is referred to as ‘traditional’ now. To finish the traditional interior design look, traditional lighting is done in the space to give it an aesthetic and natural look.

2. Modern Interior Design Style

Modern Interior Design Style consists of a neutral color selection, without ornaments or decorative pieces. Emphasized asymmetry is used in the hallways. Art is incorporated in the spaces along with geometrically patterned rugs. Modern lighting is incorporated into the room to give it that modern hint.

3. Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional interior design style includes a combination of different interior designs such as modern interior design combined with traditional and/or contemporary design. Curved furnishings with neutral color pallets are used. There is limited use of accessories. Transitional lighting also gives a proper hint of transitional interior design style.

4. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary interior design is often confused with the modern interior design style. However, the contemporary interior design style differs from the modern interior design style in the sense that it is a sustainable model of the house with plenty of natural lights, use of glass material, metal accent pieces, large floor plans, and very light-colored wooden tones. Contemporary interior designed houses have ambient light, so they require task lights and accent lights for nights only.

5. Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial Interior Design Styles were invented by the American City Centers in the late 1990s. They renovated old manufacturing warehouses and converted them into residential buildings, leaving all the remnants of the spaces exposed such as brick walls, pipes, electrical wires, etc. Industrial interior design consists of the raw looks, wooden or metal surfaces, gray colors, rustics’ colors and antique and metal light fixtures. Industrial lighting is provided in this space to complete its industrial design statement.

6. Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Farmhouse interior design style incorporates country style house decor including lots of wooden work, white look, large dining places, and kitchens, big fireplaces, wide barn doors, plank floors, country-style cabinetry designs, etc. The farmhouse interior design style gives a very cozy and warm feeling to the dwellers. Many families opt for this easy-living and comfortable residential style.

7. Rustic Interior Design Style

Rustic interior design style consists of unfinished and raw looks including exposed beams, wooden flooring, stoned wall, handcrafted items, rustic color schemes, and prominent staircases. Rustic lighting and restoration lighting provide a complete rustic look to the place.

Choose your own home interior design style

You may choose any one or a combination of these interior design styles to decorate and renovate your house to make it exude your personality or style.

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