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Tips to picking the right light for every room!

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Light, like color, can be the difference between a house deemed elegant and another considered dowdy.  The style and taste of a home can be changed by light.

Everything naturally looks better in great light, right?

Light sources with the same parameters, depending on; where they are installed, how they are installed  and even the material of lampshades, will produce different lighting effects, thereby creating a  completely different atmosphere. It is therefore important to consider the functional and aesthetic  needs of each room when picking out lighting.

Let’s take you through the tips to picking the right lighting for every room.

Living Room 

The living room is a multi-functional area of the house where people tend to gather, to engage in  various activities including talking, watching TV, reading, etc. For this space, diversified lighting is  required. A ceiling light or pendant light is located in the middle of the ceiling for ambient lighting. If you  use a pendant light as the main light, it can be placed a little lower. Recessed or track lighting can also be  used to provide ambient lighting for the living room. The color of the light source must be single, not  colorful.


The bedroom is basically for unwinding and relaxation. Soft ambient lighting is ideal for this area. It is  better to install well-diffused lighting that creates a soft ambience rather than ceiling-mounted fixtures  that shine blindingly. For choice of lampshades, use shades made of bamboo, paper, or other natural  materials to create a natural space.

For bedside reading, it is recommended to use a table lamp or wall lamp with rocking arms to provide  adjustable lighting. Each side light should have its own switch to avoid disturbing your partner’s sleep.

For closet lighting, use infrared induction LED light to save energy. The light comes on when the  wardrobe is opened and goes out when the wardrobe is closed.

Dining Room 

You want to show off your unique taste and style through your lighting choices? The dining room is just  the place to showcase elegance. When picking out lighting for your dining area, the primary focus should  be the table. Fixtures placed directly above the table can provide both ambient and task lighting for this  room.

Your lampshade choices should be made of translucent materials, such as paper, acrylic, etc. If you go  for lampshades made of opaque materials like metal, it is recommended you have other lights as  additional lighting. Otherwise, lights emitted from pendants will gather downwards, causing the central  area to be extremely bright and all-round to be dark which is visually and psychologically uncomfortable.


The lighting plan for the kitchen are ideally kitchen-mounted central fixtures to provide ambient light  and under-cabinet fixtures to provide task lighting for the sink and counters. The under-cabinet fixtures  illuminate the counter-top work surfaces when cooking and dishes look brightly colored under the color temperature 3000-4500k. The lights can also be set to come on automatically when getting tap water at  night.


A regular bathroom features a central ceiling-mounted fixture. It helps emphasize personal grooming  that requires viewing oneself in a mirror, so a well-lit mirror is also important for bathroom lighting.

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