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Let the Chandeliers Do the Talking

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Ever walked into a chandelier store and wished you could buy them all? Yeah, we can totally relate because, at some point, it has happened to the best of us. More often than not, chandeliers come in dazzling shapes and styles that can make it quite tricky to pick out what you need from the many appealing options light showrooms present you with. However, it helps an awful lot to know exactly what you need (yeah, we deliberately used ‘need’ and not ‘want’) and what best suits the space you are decorating.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on what to look out for when next you go chandelier-shopping. For good measure, we threw in some “I didn’t think of that!” tips too.

Consider the size of the chandelier

Installing a chandelier that is too big for the space can make the room feel overwhelming and when too small, can make the space feel underwhelming. The right size would do the magic of transformation just fine.

Choose a chandelier that rhymes with other décor pieces in the space

For the sake of resonance, it makes more sense to pick out a chandelier that echoes the look other décor pieces in the room. For instance, if the existing theme of the room is vintage, you might want to stick to vintage-inspired chandeliers.

It does not have to be a crystal chandelier

As beautiful and dazzling as crystal chandeliers mostly are, they may not necessarily be what your home needs to morph into a space that puts stars in your eyes.

Be less predictable about chandelier positioning

Admittedly, chandeliers are believed to look more graceful in the living room, but this does not rule out how instrumental they can be in infusing glamour and elegance in other rooms of the home. The sheer vibrance of a chandelier can transform a space instantly, so you may want to reconsider reserving all the good stuff for the living room alone.

Ensure the chandeliers are correctly installed

Experts generally agree that a chandelier should hang 30 to 36 inches above the chairs and table in the room. It goes without saying that the higher the ceiling, the farther above the ground the chandelier. This may involve shortening or elongating the support chains.

Make your chandelier the center of attention of the room

Chandeliers are generally cynosure pieces as they are better positioned as the focal point of the room. This is true, especially if the chandelier is particularly elaborate or comes in vibrant colours. When the chandelier is grand and excessively vibrant, tone down on other décor pieces.

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