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Safeguarding Your Outdoor Lighting from the Weather.

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Unlike indoor light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures are exposed to harsh weather conditions like heavy downpours, winds and lightning strikes. Over time, these harsh weather conditions take their toll on your outdoor light fixtures, which in turn takes a bite from your family’s budget to repair and replace dented fixtures and broken light bulbs.

This article aims at giving you tips on how to protect your outdoor lighting from extreme weather conditions.

Light Shields

These are protective boxes specifically designed to protect outdoor light fixtures from outdoor elements. In addition to their protective feature, these shields can also be useful for redirecting lights that are shining too brightly in one spot.

Light Placement

It is important to bear in mind the long-term protection of each light feature when strategically choosing outdoor lighting locations. Ideally, your outdoor lighting should be placed in spots where they are protected from effects of the weather, and give your outdoor appearance the right amount of radiance and beauty.

Surge Protectors

Setting up outdoor lighting on a reliable surge protector specifically rated for outdoor use is always advised to protect your outdoor lighting from lightning strikes and power surges alike. These surge protectors guard against additional electricity that tries to make its way into the light fixture.

LED Lights

LED lights come with bulb seals which allow them withstand greater pressure and damage from wind, rain and the heat from the sun. Also, most LED lighting fixtures come with built-in wiring, which protects light fixture components from damage.

Outdoor-rated Fixtures and Bulbs

To be on the safer side, outdoor-rated bulbs and fixtures are highly recommended. Some fixtures and light bulbs which look to be designed for outdoors are simply not meant to be used outside the home. To be sure you’re getting exactly what you want, always shop for your light fixtures from reliable brands. We recommend The Classroom @ 30, Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos, for your quality indoor and outdoor lighting.

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