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Tips for Lighting Up Children’s Bedrooms

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One of the very important elements to consider when fixing up any space is lighting. Like with every other space in a house, the bedroom finishing is incomplete without lighting. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on factors to consider when lighting children’s bedrooms. Lighting a child’s bedroom allows for elements of liveliness, to make the room suitable for resting and playing.

Here are some tips to consider when lighting children’s bedrooms:

Infuse Some Fun

When lighting children’s bedrooms, it is important to select lighting that inspires fun. Using RGB LED lighting or pendant lights shaped like cartoon characters could help with this. If you want to personalize the room, using lights that depict the child’s favourite cartoon character or whatever character they love, makes the room seem way more fun than ordinary lighting would do.

Multiple Circuit Switches

After selecting the lights to use in the children’s bedrooms, it is important to install switches that could be flicked to enable different moods for different tasks, such as reading, watching TV, etc. For instance, with 3 circuits, you could conveniently have reading lamps connected to one circuit, pendant lights to another and downlights to the third.

Pendant Lights Should be Hung at a Safe Distance

Pendants should be hung about 12 to 20 inches from the ceiling for an average 8-foot-high ceiling. Smaller pendants should be hung lower, while bigger pendants should be higher. If your ceilings are higher, a larger pendant light is a more suitable choice.

Table Lamps

More than illumination purposes, lighting also serves decorative purposes. When picking table lamps for the kids’ bedrooms, pick out ones that complement their style and personality. Mix and match your table lamp with lampshades to create unique styles for the young ones.

Natural Lighting

During the day, keep the drapes drawn back to let into the room ample amount of natural light; and keep them drawn close at night. Badly-fitted drapes make it less easy to manage the amount of natural light that comes into the room, which may affect the children’s sleep time, and we’re guessing you would want them to get as much rest as possible.

Size of the Room

The size of the bedroom determines the size of lights to be used in it. It goes without saying that smaller lights should be used in smaller rooms to avoid the space looking overfull. If the bedroom is large, by all means, you could make a splash with large statement lighting options.

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