Light, like color, can be the difference between a house deemed elegant and another considered dowdy.  The style and taste of a home can be changed by light. Everything naturally looks better in great light, right? Light sources with the same parameters, depending on; where they are installed, how they are installed  and even the […]

Ever wondered what other design styles there are apart from the commonly known contemporary and traditional styles? Strap on for an insightful ride as this article runs you through 7 interior design styles. The emergence of a global village has spread awareness about living standards and patterns of different areas. Over time, different common interior […]

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Why Do I Need Wall Lights in My House?

Ever walked into a living room with exquisite wall lamps and thought to yourself what a delight it would be to replicate same in your own space? Yeah, wall lamps, especially when they are expertly positioned, brings a space to life and makes it admirable. Wall lights are unique décor statement pieces as far as […]

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