Light, like color, can be the difference between a house deemed elegant and another considered dowdy.  The style and taste of a home can be changed by light. Everything naturally looks better in great light, right? Light sources with the same parameters, depending on; where they are installed, how they are installed  and even…
Ever wondered what other design styles there are apart from the commonly known contemporary and traditional styles? Strap on for an insightful ride as this article runs you through 7 interior design styles. The emergence of a global village has spread awareness about living standards and patterns of different areas. Over time, different common…
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Tips for Lighting Up Children’s Bedrooms

One of the very important elements to consider when fixing up any space is lighting. Like with every other space in a house, the bedroom finishing is incomplete without lighting. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on factors to consider when lighting children’s bedrooms. Lighting a child’s bedroom allows for elements of […]

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Safeguarding Your Outdoor Lighting from the Weather.

Unlike indoor light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures are exposed to harsh weather conditions like heavy downpours, winds and lightning strikes. Over time, these harsh weather conditions take their toll on your outdoor light fixtures, which in turn takes a bite from your family’s budget to repair and replace dented fixtures and broken light bulbs. This […]

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Why Do I Need Wall Lights in My House?

Ever walked into a living room with exquisite wall lamps and thought to yourself what a delight it would be to replicate same in your own space? Yeah, wall lamps, especially when they are expertly positioned, brings a space to life and makes it admirable. Wall lights are unique décor statement pieces as far as […]

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